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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

Wild About Scouting is a site focused on youth leadership related activities. The primary theme of information in this site will be derived from my experience with scouting both as a youth and an adult, leading a middle school church youth group, involvement in YMCA youth groups, and other opportunities to serve as a youth leader in the community. Although my experience is limited to more traditional male oriented activities, I believe that most of the information on these posts will apply to females as well. We live in an age where gender limitations are rapidly diminishing and learning about outdoor activities should be open to all. So if I should write something about a den activity, for example, please feel free to substitute. Rather than den it might be a Brownie meeting, an Adventure Guides gathering, or any other organization that fosters confidence, character, and fun education for youth.

I should point out here that this site is not affiliated with any organization and the views expressed on this site are solely those of the site owner. I have had some involvement in several youth organizations and I think they are all excellent learning experiences for both old and young.

My experience includes being a scout as a youth from age 7 (long before the introduction of Tiger Clubs when you can join at age 6) until I earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age 15. For the next 15 years I would not be affiliated with a youth organization. I did apply and hone the skills that I learned as a scout almost every day. Once my children became of age I found myself back in the midst of youth organizations and found I enjoyed them even more. My daughter and I were in the YMCA Indian Guides and Princesses (now Adventure Guides) program for many years and my son and I enjoyed a few years in that same program before rejoining scouting. I served several years as a middle school church youth leader as well as a senior high school youth leader on call.

As an adult scout leader I held positions of den leader, cub master, scoutmaster, and district trainer. I found that I learned more in scouting as an adult than I did when I was a youth. I made so many good friends and found that I could help youth in my community. When my son eventually aged out of scouting (as an Eagle Scout too!), I continued on in my volunteer role. During this period I continued to train and encourage adult leaders and helped build character boys in the program. I received the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver Award for my involvement thanks to the great people that were so willing to let me help them.

Eventually it became time for us to move from our town and my regular affiliation with scouting came to an end. Over the years I amassed various youth leadership materials, many that were cobbled together from a number of sources and rewritten in order to make a clearer presentation of the ideas. Rather than just join another local organization and share this information on a limited basis, I thought that a blog available on the internet might be a way to help a broader group of people.

If you are a scout, a scout leader, an Adventure Guide leader, church youth leader, or part of Camp Fire or another group that focuses on building character, enjoying the outdoors, and learning new skills, I hope you will find some useful information among these pages.

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